Mission & Philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach gymnastics and tumbling skills in a safe environment under positive and competent instruction. We strive to encourage children to give their best effort not only in their gymnastics classes, but in all areas of life. We aim to teach children the importance of staying fit and building a strong and healthy body. We focus on shaping the future of youth in the Moberly area by promoting positivity, self confidence, social skills, team work, physical fitness, and other life long skills in every Moberly Gymnastics Academy member.

Our Philosophy

Here at Moberly Gymnastics Academy, we cannot speak enough about how great we believe that gymnastics is for children. Gymnastics in a safe environment with competent and positive instructors encourages hard work, dedication, confidence, teamwork, respect, the development of social skills, responsibility, strength, power, flexibility, and so much more. Plus… it’s FUN! (Check out the “Links” section for evidenced-based articles explaining the many benefits of gymnastics.)

With that said, we also believe that gymnastics should accent a child’s life, not take it over. Our evening classes never go past 7:15pm during the school year. This is done to help make room for more important evening activities, such as school work and family time. Your child will never be expected to come to the gym more than 1-3 times a week. Our 1-3 times a week practice schedule allows our gymnasts to explore other sports, interests, and extracurricular activities, which we believe are valuable for the development of well-rounded individuals. No Moberly gymnast will ever be asked to practice for more than 1-3 hours a night.

It is also important to note that we do everything possible, including fundraisers, to help keep our costs low. We want as many children in the Moberly area to experience the benefits of gymnastics as possible. We participate in leagues such as the Heart of Missouri Gymnastics League, American Amateur Union, AmeriKids Gymnastics Association, and the Central Missouri Gymnastics Association which all stand by our principles of affordability and the inclusion of all levels of gymnasts. Almost all of the meets are held in the mid-Missouri area to help reduce travel costs. Meet locations typically include Columbia, Jefferson City, Chillicothe, Marshall, and Moberly.

We also offer a “USAG team” who participate in USAG sanctioned competitions. This league for gymnasts and families who wish to take their gymnastics to a more competitive level.  These meets are held in Kansas City, Springfield, St. Louis, and Columbia.  As always, nobody is required to attend all of the meets and it’s completely up to the family to choose which meets they wish to attend.

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