Level 5s from Moberly Gymnastics Place First in Team Competition

23 Oct 2011

The Level 5 team consisting of Paige, Lyndi, Amanda, Megan, and Elizabeth won the 1st place trophy in the team competition at the Central Missouri Gymnastics Association meet held at Gymzzouri Gymnastics in Jefferson City, Missouri on October 22nd. Lyndi placed 1st in the All-Around competition, Beam, and Floor Exercise, and was 2nd on Bars and 3rd on Vault. Megan won the silver in the All-Around, with 1st place on Vault and Bars. Elizabeth took home the bronze medal in the All-Around. Elizabeth also placed 2nd on Vault with an 8.9. Amanda was the bronze medal winner on the Bars event. Paige was the silver medalist on the Beam and the Floor events.

The Level 4 team consisting of Molly, Ashley, Rylee, and Kacy placed 2nd at this meet in the team competition. Molly was the gold medalist on Vault, Beam, Floor, and in the All-Around with a score of 35.55. Molly was 3rd place on Bars. Ashley won 3rd on Vault, 2nd on Bars, and 2nd in the All-Around. Rylee earned 3rd place in the All-Around, Floor, and Vault. Rylee was also 2nd place on the Balance Beam. Kacy was 2nd in the All-Around in her division, also placing 2nd on Beam and Bars, 3rd on Vault, and was the gold medalist for her Floor Exercise.

Charlie was the only Level 3 for Moberly Gymnastics at this meet and she represented the gym well. Charlie placed third on Vault, 4th on Bars and Floor, and was the gold medal winner for her fantastic performance on the Balance Beam. Charlie was the silver medal winner in the All-Around competition with an All-Around score of 35.15.